Entry #1

I'm here.

2007-07-23 16:10:34 by LollipopNightmare

So here I am. Some peeps told me about this place and said I should join and share my tracks. I am pretty new at making music, but it is something I love to spend time doing. I need to learn a lot more, but I am working on that. Check out all my tracks! I will take any criticism I can get.

-Lollipop Nightmare-

I'm here.


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2007-07-23 16:26:13

You have some pretty nice music :)

LollipopNightmare responds:

Why Thank YOU! >.<


2007-07-23 19:07:01

yea you have some good stuff

LollipopNightmare responds:

Thank You!
Now I want to make some more songs. ^.6


2008-02-01 14:46:48

u dont deserve 2 have any bad comments, amrks or critisism i mean none of ur music should b rated 4 or less and your review mark should b atleats 8! (i always put 10 coz they deserve it)

LollipopNightmare responds:

Wow! Thank you so much for your awesome comment, that truly made me smile.


2008-05-05 12:04:11

making any new songs???


2009-08-31 05:57:26

Why does this reminds me of myself?
I remember when i just got FL Studio 8. I loved making music (Still does) but i really sucked at it.

But later on i became better and better, and now i know that inspiration is the source for amazing music. Now i make collabs with HelthRMX and F-777

I bet something like that will happen for you too =) Well, i haven't heard any of your songs yet, but i'll check them out just after this comment.

If you keep making music and enjoy doing it, then you'll get famous with it. I just know it.

Good luck with your next project :D

LollipopNightmare responds:

That comment was the shit! Thanks so much!
I hope you like my stuff when you hear it... lol. ^.^


2009-09-18 03:06:06

Just heard the new track.... ambient & happy, I think it's great. I'm a bit suprised to find that you are a female ( and so old )LOL (j/k), but that just makes me respect your music that much more.
Interested in a collab?